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20 pack Ear Seeds - 24K Gold with jewellery pouch

20 pack Ear Seeds - 24K Gold with jewellery pouch

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Ear seeds help restore balance in the whole body- keep stresses low and energy high, calm the nervous system, alleviate pain and regulate hormones 


Acupuncture ear seeds are a form of acupressure based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) map of pressure points on the ear relating to different parts of the body or emotional states. They work with specific pressure points found in the ears to unblock Qi stagnation, similar to how needles are placed in specific acupuncture points along meridian lines found in the body

The ear has a direct connection to the brain and the nervous system, forming a microsystem representing the entire body.  When these nerve branches are stimulated with pressure from ear seeds, it sets off a chain reaction in the neurological pathways that promote a therapeutic affect.  

In 1990, auricular acupuncture was validated by the World Health organization, and studies have shown the auricular acupuncture releases endorphins, to the brain and the pituitary gland, therefore reducing physical pain and promoting a sense of well-being

Ear seeds are a wonderful complementary healing tool to other forms of acupuncture or treatments and independent studies have shown their ability to assist in health conditions such as:

  • Chronic and acute pain, especially lower back pain

  • Fatigue and memory

  • PMS & hormone regulation

  • Depression, Stress & anxiety

  • Fertility Issues

  • Migraines & headaches

  • Cholesterol and weight loss issues

  • Addictions


Our magnetic 24K Gold ear seeds are secured to the surface of the ear with latex free adhesive tape, and strategically placed over specific acupressure points. Ear seeds are non-invasive, meaning, unlike needles or tacks, they are affixed on the surface of the ear and do not puncture the skin, making them an accessible and safe option for self-care.

This chart shows some very effective point combinations, which include one of the most commonly used used ear point called Shen Men  Also known as The Spirit Gate, or Neurogate, it helps to bring all systems of the body into harmony.

Other popular pressure points include

  • Shen Men- Spirit Gate, Calming
  • Sympathetic- Regulates the Nervous System
  • Stomach- Earth, Balancing, Digestive Issues
  • Adrenal- Energy, Pain reduction, Hormones
  • Heart- Anxiety, Insomnia, Love
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